Jan. 12th, 2017

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Day 12

In your own space, post a rec for fannish spaces and resources - comms, challenges, twitters, tumblrs, etc. Tell us about where you hang out.

Such riches out there; here are a few:

Pixiv has fannish space, which seems to be Japanese and the site has neat artwork, comics *I include manga and I guess, doujinshi, under this term) as well as interesting layouts. I wish I read Japanese and could contribute translations, but maybe it's enough to sort of figure it out anyway. If there are comms here, I don't know about them, yet it's a fun space to meander.


This is the 'human Penguins of Madagascar' search on Pinterest, which busts me up each time. I mean, it shows such twists of imagination that I am gobsmacked, to quote Private. Way to go, artistes! There might be comms, but again, I'm ignorant of them and just like to graze.

Vintage Ads on LJ. This is borderline fannish because of the emphasis on ads. The link is to an appearance by Superman. Anyway, I visit this comm each day to squee over vintage ads, lovingly maintained by MissTia (link is to her tumblr) and updated daily by welcoming and friendly folks contributing posts. This makes my day many times. :)

The Force DOT net. This site is always welcoming with a mod's input to newcomers. The link is to the site's non-Star Wars fanfiction section because that is where I hang out a great deal of the time. The fandoms range from Hamilton to oldies like Get Smart with a series of drabbles. One thing with a moderated site is that your fanwork is guaranteed at least one review. This is a most welcoming and friendly place.

Google! Yes, Google. Google links here to another 'human Penguins of Madagascar' search that makes me smile. Links on the google search abound to sites such as deviantArt that have slash comics such as the one in this link. Since PoM is an animated fandom, artwork is a prime attraction in it, to me.

Finally, Furaffinity with this (possibly?) NSFW entry. It's 'possibly' because they're animals. LeoKatana remains a premier artist and her work blossoms from fandom to fandom to original art for commission. What a talented person. Furaffinity is for smut and deviantArt is for milder smut when you'd rather not think about snatches or junk, just sort of, you know, blur them out. *LOL at delicate self*

So that's it for current sources of fandom fun. If google can be fannish, then anything can!


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